PICKENS, S.C. (WSPA) – South Carolina has a significant need for foster families and Miracle Hill is looking to help place children in family settings with your help through the Foster Care Community at Pumpkintown.

Organizers at Miracle Hill report that at any given hour, more than 4,000 children are in foster care. SC Department of Social Services is working diligently to ensure that children are placed in family-like settings.

In 2020, Miracle Hill Ministries closed its group home due to the Family First Prevention Services Act of 2018 and later created a foster community. 

Seven cottages were made available to families who were already familiar with the children’s shelter and who wished to continue to serve as families. 

The organization currently has three families and is looking for three additional families to fill the current open homes in the area.

These families are provided with a home and utilities maintained by MHM. Cable or any other television service and internet services shall be at the expense of the family.

The families are only required to pay a nominal monthly fee. The family receives a foster care board stipend from the SCDSS for each child placed in their home.

Families receive the following amount each month contingent on the age of the child:

· 0 – 5 years, the monthly rate is $605

· 6 – 12 years, the monthly rate is $708

· 13 – 20 years, the monthly rate is $747

Foster Families may receive food assistance through the Miracle Hill Food Warehouse. Families sign the foster family agreement indicating that they would become a licensed foster family through Miracle Hill Ministries and foster an average of four children, ages six and above, at a time throughout a 12-month period, with preference given to fostering sibling groups and or teenagers.

Families may foster children younger than age six if they are part of a sibling group. The agreement is renewable yearly.

Families with children are also welcome.

Similar to missions where individuals go across the ocean to provide care to children, The mission at Pumpkintown is a domestic mission. This local opportunity allows missionaries to remain within their own county, state and country to serve and fulfill a call to care for children.

The homes are located in a picturesque rural area of Pickens County, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Yet they are close to grocers and shops. The homes have anywhere from three to five bedrooms that are currently being updated. There is a playground on the property offering the children hours of outdoor play.

Miracle Hill Ministries offers support to families, providing resources and networking to assure that the family and child receive a multitude of care and services.

Miracle Hill has developed programs designed to meet the needs of children requiring foster care. These programs reflect the following philosophical principles, which embody their Christian values:

1. Miracle Hill takes a holistic approach in response to the needs of each child.

2. The physical health and safety needs of the children are met. Basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are provided in these family homes with activities designed for the least restrictive environment in accordance with each child’s individual health and safety needs.

3. Social and recreational needs are provided through home, school, church, and community activities, with goals for each activity emanating from an integrated, individualized plan of service for each child.

4. Spiritual needs are provided through the provision of opportunities to participate in the spiritual life of the foster family, in their church, and in the community. Miracle Hill recruit’s families from various Christian denominations so that a wide variety of forms of religious practices are available and clearly presented at admission.

5. Each child is treated lovingly, respectfully and without regard for race, color, religion, sex, national origin or sexual orientation.

6. The number of children placed in any home is based on the welfare of each child and the family members involved.

7. Professional services to each child are delivered through a team that meets regularly to assess the child’s ongoing needs and develop a plan of service.

8. MHM works in conjunction with SCDSS in caring for the children.

Miracle Hill Ministries is a gospel-infused mission. Therefore, their work is based upon the Word of God. Foster families must be active members of a local Christian church and accepting of the organization’s doctrinal statement.