PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A race for Pickens County Council District One has become a conversation across the area.

Over the weekend, Brad White, the Republican candidate for the seat was accused by the Pickens County Democratic Party of tweeting racial and homophobic slurs from an anonymous account traced back to him.

The contents of which were recently published in the Seneca Journal.

7NEWS reached out to White, and while he wouldn’t go on camera, he sent a statement, a portion of which reads:

“Two years ago, a friend (now a former friend) and I created a group account on Twitter. It was a political opinion page, and over time it had a handful of administrators/contributors. I was one of them early on. I left the page shortly thereafter and then stopped using Twitter. I did not write the derogatory posts the Journal cited.”

7NEWS also tried contacting both Pickens County and South Carolina Republican Party leaders, and have yet to hear back from them.

Pickens County Democratic chairman Richard Byrd said us he’s fully aware of the story and the tweets.

“It’s been hurtful,” Byrd said. “When I was in high school in the 10th grade, we desegregated in the state. So here we are 52 years later, and it breaks my heart to read, and I forced myself to read through the thread. Some horrible, vile disgusting, bigoted, racist language.”

The posts in question appeared on the anonymous account in March, June and July 2021.

Brad White’s statement went on to add, “The best I can tell, I left twitter in early 2021. According to my Twitter log, my last login on my personal account was 2/4/21. The last post on my timeline was 1/15/21.”

White’s democratic opponent, Claiborne Linvill sent us a statement saying, “These tweets are truly awful and I am heartbroken for the many people surely hurt by reading them.”