WOODRUFF, S.C. (WSPA) – Kyle Sloan was in the car with his wife, daughter and daughter’s friend when a tractor-trailer drove into oncoming traffic on Interstate 95.

Sloan was injured and underwent surgery. His wife and daughter, Jamie and Rylie, were tragically killed.

“She [Jamie] was my best friend,” said Kyle Sloan. “She was my rock. She stood behind me in everything I did. She always supported me no matter what.”

Jamie and Kyle Sloan met 20 years ago. He told 7News faith was at the center of their home.

“Faith is everything to my family. Rylie’s faith as a 14-year-old was unbelievable. She would tell you in a minute that she was going to Heaven.”

“Jamie and Rylie actually inspired me to be a better person,” he added.

As Sloan spoke to 7News, Rylie’s track and cheer uniforms sat beside him. Her coaches at Woodruff High School had them framed.

“She was a fierce competitor and would let you know it.”

Jamie Sloan was an athlete herself. She ran track and played softball and volleyball at Blue Ridge High School. Her husband said she enjoyed her job as a dental hygienist and was active in their church.

“She did a lot in the community,” Sloan said. “She sang in the choir and worked in the nursery at church.”

Sloan said he has received countless messages of support since the crash, and the Woodruff community has wrapped its arms around his family.

“I never would have imagined the impact that our small, little family would have on the town.”

He said he hopes those who knew Jamie and Rylie continue spreading their faith just like they did.

“I just ask that we not let her death be in vain, that we continue carrying her torch, and we stand up for what she believed in and what we should all believe in as strongly as she did.”