EASLEY, S.C (WSPA) – Hoses, helmets, and fireproof jackets are all typical things firefighters would take to a call.

However, the Easley Fire Department has added a few more tools to the list. Those new tools are inside of a Carter Kit.

It’s a sensory bag made to help children with autism during an emergency.

For someone on the spectrum, bright lights and loud sounds can be overwhelming.

So, the items inside the bag – earmuffs, toys, and sunglasses – help ease their triggers.

For Chief Matthew Littleton, the Carter Kits are especially meaningful to him.

“One of my immediate family members was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was in the 2nd grade,” Littleton said.

So, to bring Carter Kits on board was a no brainer.

“When we started learning that these loud noises, these bright sounds were so overwhelming, I started learning to help him cope with it,” said Littleton. “So, when a firefighter brought the Carter Kits to me, I thought, ‘this makes all the sense in the world.'”

The fire department said they hope Carter Kits are something other fire departments across the state will start to use on emergency calls.

Chief Littleton said all of their firefighters are trained on how to use the kits during an emergency.