UPSTATE, S.C. (WSPA) – Three women in the Upstate are changing lives by cleaning houses and providing a free service to those in need.

“Helping Hands in the Upstate” helps anyone struggling with their mental or physical health by offering decluttering, deep-cleaning, and any other services clients need.

Cleaning your house may not seem like a tall task, but for some, said the founders of the organization, it’s like moving mountains.

“We know that when life gets so chaotic the last thing on your list of things to do is clean your house” said Warner, “and things literally start piling up so that’s really where we come in.”

The founders of Helping Hands said, it may sound like a simple thing but it’s much more than that because a lot of the people they help are in bad places where they can’t find the strength or motivation to clean.

Miller said, “I want them to know we’re here to help them. We’re not here to judge. We’re not here to pass criticism. We just want to help them.”

Claire Helvie, Christina Miller and Emily Warner do this on their own time while also working full-time jobs.

Helvie said, “We would love for it to turn into something but right now it’s just three girls donating their time to help some people.”

You can find Helping Hands on their Facebook page.