GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – The Boiling Springs Fire District in Greenville County is getting a new home.

Officials announced plans Friday morning for the new Boiling Springs Fire District Headquarters, which is set to sit on on more than two acres at the corner of Garlington Road and Hartness Drive.

“By moving just between a quarter and a half a mile down Garlington Road, we’re actually going to be able to cover some areas that had coverage issues before and make up for those,” said Taft Matney, Public Affairs Liaison for the Boiling Springs Fire District.

“It’s going to be just shy of 20,000 square feet and there may be the opportunity for hiring at that point,” he said.

Leaders said the current site is small and cramped, but their new space will be much bigger.

“It’s not just an expansion, it’s a full-on move. This facility has served as the headquarters for Boiling Springs Fire District since it’s construction in 1980, and it’s been expanded three times over the years and it’s just no more room for it to grow,” Matney said.

“This is a public safety issue,” said Boiling Springs Fire District Chief Steve Graham. “We’ve outgrown the space there, and it’s very difficult to get out onto Pelham Road and Garlington Road interchange at peak times during the day, and so this will definitely help with our response times.”

Officials said the new space will allow firefighters to get in and out more quickly.

“The one thing that it’s actually going to allow our personnel to do is get out in a timely manner,” Matney explained. “With the congestion that we’re seeing in Pelham and Garlington Road, it’s very often difficult for the trucks to get out, and when there’s emergencies, seconds matter.”

“So, by putting us about a half-mile down on Garlington Road, we’re gonna be able to get the trucks out faster when they need to get out,” Matney said.

Chief Graham also said this will address other issues.

“It’s also a community issue, in the fact that all of the congestion in that area can be relieved, once the fire station is moved and there’s room for turn lanes there,” Chief Graham said.

“As this corner gets free, it’s going to allow the Department of Transportation to potentially make some intersection improvements that will ease congestion, at this intersection,” Matney said.

Leaders also said this will address future growth.

“With all of the traffic congestion that we’re starting to see at this location, it just makes sense for us to move and plan for the growth of the district and the eastside as a whole,” Matney said.

“With our district’s commercial and residential growth, there is no additional room to expand or plan for future growth if we don’t move from our current site,” said Bill Flack, chairman of the Boiling Springs Fire District Commission, in a news release.

The new fire station headquarters will cost about $11 million, which includes the purchase of the property and the construction.

“Projections show that the debt service will mean approximately $18 annually per $100,000 value of a house,” Matney said.

The district hopes to have the new headquarters open in the fall of 2023.

Boiling Springs Fire District will hold a meeting on Monday, August 1 at their community building at 208 Blacks Drive in Greenville County.

Officials will present the new station’s plans and receive input from the public beginning at 6:30 p.m.

“We want to make sure that we can show off the plans to the neighborhood, as well as receive public comment and input,” Matney said. “After that, we will go to County Council. There will be a public hearing on a potential bond issue, and then we will have second and third reading on the bond issue, and then hopefully they can begin construction thereafter.”