COLORADO SPRINGS, C.O. (WSPA) – An Upstate teen who “defied all odds to become a world-class Paralympic swimmer” filed a lawsuit Friday against a teammate, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and SafeSport.

According to the lawsuit, the teen, who is now 19, was allegedly sexually assaulted multiple times while in Tokyo for the 2021 Paralympics, which continued after he moved from Greenwood, S.C., to the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado.

The lawsuit states that the teen was reportedly “being violently and repeatedly sexually assaulted and harassed by his teammate.”

According to the lawsuit, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee and SafeSport had received reports that the teammate was sexually assaulting other teammates but allowed him to supervise and share a bedroom with the Plaintiff.

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee released a statement Friday regarding the lawsuit:

“The allegations brought forth by the complaint filed today are extremely concerning, and we take them very seriously. We’ve made the decision to place two staff members on administrative leave and have also stopped the work of several contractors with U.S. Paralympics Swimming. We’re also continuing our investigation of the allegations to help us determine the facts, and we are committed to taking appropriate action.”

The lawsuit also states that the USOPC failed to investigate the issues and was dismissive of the Plaintiff’s parents and that the teammate “posed absolutely no risk to Plaintiff.”

Additionally, it alleges that the USOPC and SafeSport shielded the teammate and failed to inform the Plaintiff’s parents of previous allegations against the teammate.

“Rather, USOPC and SafeSport took extensive efforts to shield and protect [the teammate], much to the detriment of Plaintiff and other team members.”

According to the lawsuit, the teammate used his status in the Olympic and Paralympic Swimming community to carry out a systematic pattern of abuse, “whereby he would seek out and groom vulnerable athletes, specifically minor and disabled Paralympic athletes living and training at the United States Olympic & Paralympic Training Center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.”

The teammate was a premier swimmer with cerebral palsy who secured gold medals in the 100-meter butterfly and the 100-meter backstroke at the 2020 Paralympic Games, also breaking the world record in the backstroke.

The lawsuit states that the teammate was added to the SafeSport database in September 2020 for “allegations of misconduct” but had his suspension lifted prior to the 2020 Tokyo Games.

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