BOILING SPRINGS, SC (WSPA) – Sunil Joseph is worried that late school buses are hurting his son’s academic career.

The father – who works in Charlotte – told 7NEWS the school bus that takes his son from their home to Boiling Springs High School has been notably late three times so far this semester.

When the bus runs late, he said, his son arrives to school late, missing part or all of the first period of the day.

“It’s frustrating because he’s missing school,” Joseph said. “He doesn’t know what they teach in the first period.”

To avoid potential loss of learning, Joseph has resorted to driving his son to school himself, often putting himself behind schedule to get to work in the process.

Spartanburg District Two told 7NEWS that there is no shortage of bus drivers. The district makes adjustments when drivers call out, which can lead to delays in getting students to class on time.

If students are late to school because of a bus issue, there is no penalty, according to the district.

“Our teachers and administrators work with students, regardless of their reason for being tardy or out, to ensure that they have adequate time to complete their assignments and that they stay up to date,” said district communications director Adrian Acosta.