GREENWOOD, S.C. (WSPA) – An Upstate professor held a fussy baby while her mom continued learning at Lander University.

According to Lander Univerisity, Peterra Richburg, a senior elementary education major, had to take her 2-month-old baby Aria to class due to a last-minute change in childcare.

“I didn’t have time to let Dr. Reed know that I was bringing her with me. I was so nervous about it,” Richburg said.

Once Richard got settled into her desk, Aria became a bit fussy, so Dr. Reed picked her up and continued teaching, so Richburg could take notes.

“I figured we could ignore her cries until Mom returned, or I could hold her and see if I could help. So, I picked her up and continued teaching,” said Reed, who was leading a class on how to teach addition to students.

Richburg said Aria was alert and looking around while Dr. Reed was holding her.

“It was very sweet,” Richburg said.

Aria was the first baby to attend one of Reed’s classes.

“…who doesn’t want to hold a cute baby!? Guests, especially cute babies, are always a pleasant visit,” Reed said.