ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)- The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has used saturated patrolling in the past, and they said they are making it a priority again.

During a saturated patrol, a large number of officers will go to, what they call, a crime hot spot.

It’s a strategic way to increase law enforcement visibility

“A lot of the area depends on what we’re seeing as far as crime statistics or what the metrics are showing us,” Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer JT Foster said.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said they had to dial it back when Covid hit.

Foster said, “Prior to the coronavirus we were doing at least one a quarter, annually. Some of that got slowed down with the coronavirus.”

They said some crimes increased, like domestic violence, but now saturated patrolling is back in Anderson.

“It could be vehicle stops, it could be walking beats, you know getting out on foot and walking around being seen,” Foster said.

They had one several days ago and they said the results were significant.

“It looks like we made over 140 contacts that night. That could be warnings, pedestrian contacts, it could be a whole lot of things going on,” Foster said.

They said, in just eight hours, 17 arrests were made, they seized 7 guns, one stolen gun, 283 grams of marijuana, 8 grams of meth and 2 grams of cocaine.

Foster said, “I would said with just the presence itself. A lot of people aren’t going to commit crimes right out in the open when deputies are present.”

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said they plan to enforce saturated patrolling every three months.