GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – An Upstate skating rink has closed its doors after 18 years.

According to the Skateland of Gaffney, a couple of years ago an offer was made for someone to buy the property.

The owners, Andy and Hope Bennett, opened the skating rink in 2005 and said “Without hesitation, it was turned down.”

However, a few months ago, another offer was made to buy the property. The Bennetts consulted with family and close friends and decided to accept the offer.

The Bennetts said while the thought of selling the business never crossed their minds, “times change, people change and hearts change.”

The Facebook post went on to explain the reason why they sold, “Sadly the kids today, the parents today, and even the outlook on the world today is much different than 18 years ago. The uncontrollable behavior of kids, the lack of responsibility parents take for their children’s actions and just pure ungratefulness for anything is incomprehensible.”

Through the 18 years of serving Gaffney, the Bennetts are grateful for “all that came through our doors and had a great time. We truly hope you grow and prosper.”