SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Some Upstate students are using skills taught in the classroom to build tiny homes for women in need.

Carpentry students at Daniel Morgan Technology Center will build six two-bedroom tiny homes with another 12 being built by two other Upstate tech programs.

Not only is this project taking the students’ skills to the next level, but it’s also providing them with an opportunity to serve a community in need.

Carpentry instruction Greg Medford said it’s helping in a big way while also teaching his students valuable lessons.

“We’re doing this for a purpose. There are people who are dependent on us and that’s the way it is in life,” Medford said. “You’re going to have a job that depends on you and how well are you going to pursue that job, what can you do about it, what kind of changes can you make in life and we’re doing that here.”

Once completed, the tiny homes will be given to First Baptist Church of Spartanburg as part of the Bridgeway Village for women who are experiencing homelessness.

Women in need will live in them for a year to 18 months once they’re back on their feet.