GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)–TikTok is the most recent social media platform to come under fire for what several state attorney generals are calling lax protections for children using the app, but some Upstate tech experts said the problem doesn’t stop here.

Viral dances, challenges, and tutorials are all popular videos on the social media platform.

“It’s built to be digitally addictive,” said Phil Yanov, with Tech After Five.

Now, Attorney General Alan Wilson is the latest to speak out against the app, saying the social media platform can be harmful to children, “our children are precious and vulnerable and we need to ensure that they’re fully protected.”

But upstate tech experts said the app isn’t alone.

“The worst app is the one that your child is on when they make the bad decisions,” Rick Floyd, with GCS Information Security, said. “They’re spending a tremendous amount of time on these apps because that’s their life.”

Floyd is a former internet crimes investigator and currently works for the Greenville County School District, where he teaches students how to stay safe online.

“The very comfortable communicating with strangers on the internet because they’ve grown up with it,” he said.

But he said it can go beyond stranger danger.

“They’ll literally get upset if their post doesn’t have as many likes or more likes than their friends,” Floyd said.

Yanov said TikTok isn’t the only app where this is a problem.

“TikTok is big. But is it as big as Facebook? Is it as big as Instagram?”

Although many apps have an age restriction, it’s easy to bypass those protections.

“TikTok and all the other apps, Instagram, Snapchat, they say we have a safety feature that children aren’t supposed to be on it or can’t be on it all you have to do is lie about your age,” Floyd said.

“What’s the right answer? It’s good parenting involves parenting and get involved with your kids know what they’re up to,” Yanov said.

The best way to protect your children online? Set certain boundaries and restrictions for when they’re using apps like TikTok, but make sure you do it in a way that doesn’t smother them.