GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – More than 1 million users can expect to see improved cell phone and internet service thanks to a major network upgrade by Verizon.

The telecommunications company announced on Wednesday it had completed an update of its network infrastructure in the Upstate.

Network engineers have deployed new macro cell sites providing coverage and capacity to customers in downtown Pickens and the area immediately east of downtown Pickens, west of Seneca around the Hwy 123 and Hwy 28 intersection, and the southern part of Lake Greenwood and Hwy 34 between Chappells and Ninety Six.

“As people do more things on their cell phones and as more people use our network to connect their homes, we will continue deploying these new technologies and more bandwidth to ensure they have the resources they need,” said Karen Schulz, a spokesperson for Verizon.

The upgrades will improve services for cell phone customers using the network’s 5G band, as well as home and business owners paying for private internet services.

The company is also touting an expansion in downtown Greenville, which Schulz said will improve services for people in the area during peak use times.

“With so many people gathering throughout downtown on weekends, for festivals and concerts, for runs, etc. we wanted to make sure our network covering that area could accommodate all those users at the same time uploading photos, streaming on social media, etc,” she said.

Verizon has also announced a similar expansion in the Clemson Memorial and Littlejohn areas for later this year, which will improve cellular service during sporting events and other gatherings in the area.