GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Staff members at Foothills Veterinary Hospital are remembering their co-worker who was stabbed to death Wednesday in Greer.

41-year-old Christina Parcell was found dead at her home on Canebrake Drive.

“Everybody was just in shock at first. We couldn’t believe it. We didn’t know details, obviously when we first heard,” said Foothills Veterinary Hospital owner Dan Randall.

“We just got the call from an attorney that she was gone, and immediately we just all sort of felt, I guess we all just kind of walk around like zombies that first day, it felt like a bad dream,” Randall continued. “Over the next day or so we kind of learned details of the crime and it’s just so heartbreaking to think about somebody you care about having to go through something like that.”

Parcell was a technician at the hospital for just over three years.

“She did just a really good job of exhibiting compassion and empathy, and she was always very even-tempered which is very helpful in this field. And over time, she made a lot of friends,” said Randall. “We’re kind of a tight-knit group and I think everybody is really feeling the loss right now.”

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said there were no visible signs of forced entry at the home. As of Friday afternoon, detectives were still investigating the case.

“Right now, we’re just sorting through all of the evidence that we have at hand. Looking into that, working in collaboration with the forensics units, working with the Greenville County Coroner’s Office and really try to spread that message to the community here and far that we need information,” said Lt. Ryan Flood, Greenville Co. Sheriff’s Office.

“Information that might be seemingly insignificant could be that little piece that could help our investigators move forward with this investigation,” Flood said.

“While it was very gruesome, we do believe it to be isolated, we’re just seeking information right now,” Flood said.

 Parcell’s work family wants people to remember her compassion and other characteristics.

“Not only was Christina a great veterinarian technician. She was a mom. She had a fiancé, and a sister here in town,” said Randall. “When you work in a small office, your family life sort of filters into the workplace in a lot of respects and we traveled some difficult journeys with her over the last three years, and I just like people to know, she was an amazing person.”

“She loved her daughter, was extremely close to her sister, and she’s just not another nameless faceless victim,” Randall said.

Randall and investigators hope someone will come forward very soon.

Investigators are still asking those around the Canebrake Subdivision to check their surveillance systems for any video between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday for any suspicious people or cars.

Investigators want anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers of Greenville at 864-23-CRIME.

Randall said his office is planning some type of memorial fund for Parcell’s family soon.

“There’s an active discussion going on around that right now. My heart really goes out to her daughter and her sister that this was kind of thrust upon them,” Randall said.