GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) — Balloons rose in the air in honor of Susan Donald, who would have celebrated a birthday this past week.

“My mom was one of the nicest people on this earth,” explained Stacey Donald, the victim’s daughter. “She would do anything for anybody. She didn’t deserve to be done the way she was done.”

Donald was killed in July. Her body was found in an abandoned house located next door to her home.

“Words just can’t explain the hurt my family goes through on a daily basis,” said Donald.

63-year-old Ricky McCullough was arrested and charged for Donald’s death. Though he is behind bars, Donald’s family said they are still trying to seek justice. They want the abandoned house where she was killed to be removed.

“What I’m going to attempt to do is to sue the owner of this house,” said Bruce Wilson, the CEO and Founder of FIT. “If he doesn’t do something quickly, then he’s going to have to pay a hefty penalty.”

Donald’s family was joined by local and state leaders, who echoed the same calls.

“Her [Donald’s] family, friends and neighbors are hurt every day that they see this house,” said community activist Tikeeta Wallace.

“We have to hold people responsible whether it’s the owner of the property, city, county or state,” added community liaison, Ma’ta Crawford.

The city of Greenville told 7News this week it sent the owner of the house a violation and is ordering them to make repairs. The city said it could take more steps if the owner does not respond.

“Maybe filing a lawsuit against the owner will move things along a little quicker,” said Wilson.

Wilson has not filed a lawsuit yet. But, he said he worries that the abandoned house could pose dangers to the neighborhood.

“There are a lot of children who live in this community,” explained Wilson. “It easily could have been a child.”