SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Voters headed out to the polls Thursday to decide whether or not to build a new high school in Spartanburg County School District 4.

People voted yes for the multi-million-dollar school to be built. School officials said they’ve already bought the land along Highway 146 in preparation for this.

“Like winning the Super Bowl, going to Disney World type moment,” said Dr. Rallie Liston.

Spartanburg County is getting crowded. No one knows that better than the man in charge of School District 4, Superintendent Dr. Rallie Liston. He said the schools are already packed.

“It’s not about the 5,000 homes that are coming in and 2500 students over the next 5 to 7 years. What we need is the space now in our schools,” he said.

Students 7NEWS spoke to agree.

“Last year, they were already really crowded. Like the desks were all together and you barely had any room,” said Lilyanna Moore.

Voters Thursday approved building a new Woodruff High School.

“I did vote for it. I understand the importance of education and teaching our youth and making sure our kids are having that experience as children in a safe school,” said parent, Mark Buhler.

The high school could cost up to $100 million and will increase the amount of taxes each year.

“In the first 10 years, we see, at a maximum, around $120 per $100,000 of value,” said Dr. Liston.

Parents like Mark Buhler think it’s worth it.

“At least when we know our taxes are going to good things, it makes you feel better about where your money’s going to. So, as long as I know that they money’s going to a new school, to help out the community, I’m all for it and would do it ten-times over,” said Buhler.

Some parents are seeking more information.

“I think a little bit more information is probably needed, as far as what exactly all the money is going to. But it has been proven that we definitely need a new school,” said Ashley Conyers.

Along with a new high school, Dr. Liston said they are moving the grade levels, one out of each of their feeder schools, to make even more room. Dr. Liston said the earliest they could get in the school would be the fall of 2025.