PICKENS CO., S.C. (WSPA)- Pickens County is one of the eight counties left in South Carolina that doesn’t allow alcohol sales on Sunday.

Four cities in the county created a separate ordinance to allow it, Clemson, Easley, Pickens and Central.

However, that leaves out seven cities across Pickens.

Liberty is one of them.

Diane Campbell is a cashier at the Liberty Food Store.

“We don’t even open on sunday, because if we can’t sell beer, there’s really no reason to open our doors,” Campbell said. “We’re behind the times. Everyone else can sell alcohol on Sundays.”

Campbell says not only is it an inconvenience for customers, it hurts businesses.

“We’re losing money and it’s going to help, it’s going to other people, it should go to our town,” Campbell said.

However, all this could change in the fal.

“I think government tells people too much what they can and can’t do,” Vice Chairman for Pickens County Council Roy Costner said.

Costner said council voted to leave the decision up to residents, during the general election in November.

“It will be on the ballot in November as a referendum whether you want to do Sunday alcohol sales,” Costner said.

Campbell says if this is voted in, it’ll be a game changer.

“So, it would be more hours for us, it would be better for the community if you could come right here in liberty instead of going right up the road to Central, Easley, and get your beer there,” Campbell said.

County council members say there has been some pushback on the referendums, mainly from religious organizations.

The vote to put the two referendums on the ballot passed 4-1.