PACOLET, S.C. (WSPA) – The only Walgreens in one Spartanburg County town is set to close, which means the residents will no longer have a drugstore.

Healthcare Communications for Walgreens announced that the Walgreens at 6950 South Pine Street in Pacolet will close on November 6.

It said when a store closes, patients’ prescriptions will automatically be transferred to the nearest Walgreens. In this case, those patients’ prescriptions will be transferred to Walgreens at 2198 Southport Road.

“We’ve been here for about 5 years, and I have used this Walgreens the whole time,” said Tammy Stricklend, shops at Walgreens. “I have an autistic son and they are really loving and are concerned about him getting his medicine on time and not going without it.”

The biggest concern, Stricklend said, is the lack of transportation in the area. For elderly residents who can no longer drive and walk to this Walgreens to get their prescriptions, this loss will completely change their lifestyle.

“We have people here in town that walk to the pharmacy and now when they have to go to Spartanburg it’ll be hardship on them,” said Mayor Ned Camby, mayor of Pacolet.

Mayor Camby said for as long as the building has been open, it’s been a pharmacy, and the Walgreens employees have stayed the same for years.

“I’ve talked to the people in there and a lot of them don’t even know if they’ll have jobs right now, so my prayer is that they’ll be placed somewhere that’s not too far from their homes,” said Stricklend.

The goal for Mayor Camby and the town of Pacolet is to now replace the Walgreens with another pharmacy. Residents like Stricklend said they hope the town’s goal is fulfilled, instead of seeing the Walgreens go through the same cycle other closed stores have.

“I would hope that something else comes in because I hate that more than anything,” said Stricklend. “Because businesses are here, then the buildings close and stay empty and that’s a loss for the community and the area and Pacolet is a small area.”

Walgreens said the closure of the Pacolet Walgreens was justified, among other things, “by taking into account our existing footprint of stores, dynamics of the local market, and changes in our patients’ and customers’ buying habits.”

Walgreens said patients will receive notice about the transfer through mail.