WARE SHOALS, S.C. (WSPA) — After two drownings in two days, Ware Shoals leaders are looking for ways to make Pitts Park safer for the community.

On Thursday evening, town leaders, first responders and community members met to brainstorm ideas and share input.

On Monday, the Laurens County Coroner’s Office reported 43-year-old Saul Luna drowned in the Saluda River at Pitts Park. Less than 24-hours later, 19-year-old Bernard Mason also drowned at the park.

Mayor Scott Horne said it’s heartbreaking to know two families lost loved ones this week. He said town leaders are working to make changes, which they believe will make the park safer, so everyone can enjoy it.

He said they’re planning to add more signage, warning about the dangers of the river and reminding people to swim at their own risk. He also said they hope to create an area where people have access to life jackets and life rings at the park.

During rescue missions, he said crews have about four minutes to help drowning victims before it’s too late. Horne believes keeping safety equipment on-site could improve outcomes.

“We’ve got 4 minutes to work with and what we’re trying to do is put things down there that other people could grab and throw to them and try to help them,” said Horne.

Horne also said they monitor water levels at the park and said it’s closed when water flow is too high. He said right now, there’s no timeline for when signage and safety equipment will be installed at the park.