GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) The City of Greenville postponed the opening of Ice on Main because of recent warm temperatures.

Despite many enjoying the sunshine this November, for Ice on Main, the warm weather has brought nothing but puddles.

As opening day is nearing, they say their hardest worker this year is the chiller.

“It basically works from the time that it gets here until the time that it leaves,” said Cameron Campbell, downtown project manager.

Ice on Main depends on the warm weather’s departure.

With real ice being created at the location, when the weather changes so does the preparation process.

“It is real ice and in order for us to be able to create the ice that we need at the level we need it, we have to build up the ice,” said Campbell. “So, we actually flood the rink with water and our chiller cools through the coils and then we’re able to make ice and right now with the unseasonable weather, we are not able to build up the ice to that proper level yet.”

While building the ice Campbell said the safety of skaters weighs into decisions.

“A better more pleasant skating experience for everyone and so really safety and making sure the experience is wonderful is what our goal is,” said Campbell. “That was kind of some of the decisions that went into that and postponing until Monday allowed us to build up the ice to be able to create that.”

Campbell said tickets for the cancelled dates were refunded but new tickets are available to purchase online.

Ice on Main said Monday is their opening day, with the press conference being at 11 a.m. and open skate for the public beginning at 2 p.m.