CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – It’s easy to expect a beautiful green field during football season, but a lot of work goes into keeping the field healthy and safe for the players. 

It’s a year-round job, but with an experienced team of grounds crews and Mike Echols, the director starting his 21st season, they can manage whatever weather is thrown their way. 

Bermuda grass is situated over 10 inches of sand to help drainage. There are also pipes under the field that carry the filtered water out to the Seneca River. 

When frost is a threat mid to late season, provided there’s a 14-day window to allow for paint and effort, seven covers can be placed over the field to help mitigate any concerns to the grass. 

If frost does form, the irrigation system can quickly knock the ice off with relatively warm water. 

The grass is cut to only ½ inch and Ryegrass is planted within the Bermuda grass as the temperatures cool down since this grass is a cool season grass that can help keep the football field beautiful. 

It’s not just the football field that’s in focus though. 

Clemson golf courses, softball and soccer fields are also cared for to ensure a fun time watching the games with good playing conditions for the athletes.