WELLFORD, SC (WSPA) – Wellford Police Chief David Green and his officers take seriously their role of serving the community.

Among efforts, ranging from replacing street signs to installing car seats, is the department’s Blessing Box program.

Wellford’s four Blessing Boxes are scattered around the community, stationed strategically near bus stops.

The police department reloads them each day with food items, cold-weather kits, and drinks – anything donated to them that can help those in need.

“I think by us going out and taking care of this the way that we do,” Green said. “It shows [the community] that not only are we out patrolling, we’re filling the other needs that the community may have.”

Green and Officer Stacy Whittaker spent Thursday morning reloading three of the boxes. With each stocked Blessing Box, Whittaker took a photo to post to the department’s Facebook page.

“I think by posting on Facebook, it shows the true intentions of what we’re trying to do,” Green said. “We’re not doing it for anything other than helping the community.”