WELLFORD, S.C. (WSPA) — Wellford Police officers are patrolling US-29 due to speeding drivers.

“We’re writing citations for reckless driving, speeding and improper lane change, anything you can think of that would make the community safer,” said Chief David Green.

The speed limit on US-29 in Wellford is 50 miles per hour. Green said many people drive 65 to 70 miles per hour.

Green said 12 citations were issued within an hour and a half Tuesday morning. But, cars are still not slowing down.

“We’re literally pleading for that help because what we’re doing with the tickets and stopping cars is not helping,” said Green.

There have been several accidents on US-29 in 2022, including one Monday. The Wellford community was devastated when one of those crashes was deadly.

“It has changed our lives,” said Debbie Jackson.

Jackson lost her daughter Megan Barnett and six-year-old granddaughter Briley Barnett in a crash in April.

“A lady was speeding and ran the red light,” explained Jackson. “All three were killed instantly.”

“The estimated speed of the accident was over 100 when the two cars collided,” added Green.

Megan Barnett was a teacher at Wellford Academy of Science and Technology

“Her smile and my granddaughter’s smile could light up a room,” said Jackson.

A memorial still sits on the side of US-29 for the Barnetts. Jackson said she is working to try to lower the speed limit on this highway or get a flashing or turning light installed. Most importantly, she is begging drivers to be more cautious.

“Don’t put somebody else in this situation that my family is in because my husband and I can’t bring our only child back,” said Jackson.