GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Holding hands in prayer, one group that gathered in downtown Greenville celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion.

“We will defend life at every stage,” said Kolbie Riggio.

“We believe that women deserve better than abortion,” added Devin Ascheman.

Just across the street, a small group gathered calling for abortion rights to be protected.

“It’s really upsetting,” explained Annias. “None of these people have any idea what it’s like.”

“I had an abortion years ago when it wasn’t the right time for me,” added Tori. “Even though it was not something I wanted, it was something I don’t regret because it was the right decision for me a that time in my life.”

As these rallies continue, Greenville Police are reminding the public of rules that need to be followed.

If a rally will include more than 10 people, a picketing permit application must be submitted to the city ahead of time.

Sticks, poles, bats, guns and other weapons are not allowed. Body armor and shields are also prohibited.

Signs can not exceed 20 inches by 30 inches if they are made of paper, cardboard or poster board.

Breaking any of these rules can lead to a $50 fine for the first offense and $100 fine for the second offense within two years.

“It’s great to do things for the community and take part in community action,” said Ascheman.

A spokesperson for the Greenville Police Department told 7News they have seen issues with “people bringing things into the event that are prohibited, people going on opposing sides to antagonize and not staying separated, and not abiding to the size restrictions and proper material of signs.”

Breaking these rules could lead to more serious charges.

For a full list of Greenville’s picketing rules, click here.