SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – While the snow has stopped falling, crews with the South Carolina Department of Transportation are faced with a larger task: clearing the roads.

From fully cleared interstates, to backroads covered in inches of ice, people across the Upstate have seen it all. SCDOT said their efforts will continue to make sure road conditions improve.

“All of our interstates are open. We don’t have any closures, but our crews are continuing to work around the clock, pulling 12 hour shifts to make sure they stay clear,” said Pete Poore, SCDOT Communications Director.

According to SCDOT, thousands of miles of roads are being cleared across the state following the winter storm. It’s a task that takes time and patience.

“We have 42,000 miles of roads, state maintained roads in South Carolina. So, we can’t get them all in a couple of days,” said Poore.

7NEWS spoke with several people about road conditions. Many drivers agreed that taking it easy is key.

“If you take it easy you ain’t going to get stuck. Some of these people that want to fly, that’s the ones that have a lot of trouble,” said Jerry Day, a driver in Spartanburg County.

Others, like Spartanburg County resident Rick Littlejohn, took a quick break Monday to fill up their tank and continue the day’s hard work. He explained to 7NEWS how, at times, going slow on the back roads is not enough.

“Once you get off kind of in the back roads and the side roads they are not impassable, but they are a little sketchy just from packed down ice from where everyone’s been out driving on it,” said Littlejohn.

As far as a timeline, SCDOT crews prioritize the interstates, then work towards clearing the primary (main roads other than interstates), then secondary roads (side roads/back roads).

“The interstates obviously are the number one priority. The primary major routes are the second priority, then the secondary roads. As I mentioned, we depend on the sun a lot to help take care of that,” said Poore. “In each county we have earmarked, or listed as you will, some secondary roads that may lead to a hospital, or medical facilities, fire departments, police stations, emergency facilities, things like that. So, those secondary roads are taken into consideration as well.”

“The roads are a little bit rougher up there as you come in closer into the town they start getting better,” explained Littlejohn.

As the cleanup efforts continue for the SCDOT, they have a message for drivers:

“Our number one message still, is stay off the roads. Don’t go out if you don’t have to,” said Poore.

SCDOT said their efforts to clear the roads will continue as long as there is a threat of ice. According to the department, as the snow melts, they are expecting black ice to form over the next few nights.