SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Winter weather and strong winds impacted the Carolinas Monday morning.

The cold front followed by a low pressure system that brought all the rain and snow left tens of thousands without power.

Some 7NEWS crews reported seeing trees down while reported seeing snow.

Greenville Emergency Management said there was no major reports of damage other than down trees. No injuries were reported.

Pickens County Emergency Management said the county saw minor flooding. The biggest issue was damage caused by downed trees in the northern part of the county. Highway 11 seemed to have the most storm damage.

“The biggest thing we had was just trees blocking the roadway, as well as trees taken down power lines… type of thing,” said Billy Gibson, Director of Emergency Service, Pickens County. “We had several major roads of course Highway 11, Highway 288, and Highway 183 are three of our busier traveled roads in our northern part and those were blocked for a certain amount of time. The SCDOT and our roads and bridges crews from the county, as well as our local fire departments were able to get those cleared pretty quickly.

Gibson said they had several issues where power lines were entangled in trees.

“So I would say we had probably in the neighborhood of a dozen roads that were blocked during the early part of the morning,” Gibson said.

The area around Saluda Hill and Ridge Springs Roads were still blocked by downed trees and power lines on Monday night.

“It looked like a tornado came by,” said Hunter Taley, Pickens County resident.  

“It was like a landslide or something. Just trees everywhere,” said Stephanie Garcia, Pickens County resident.

Taley’s dad lives off Saluda Hill Road near Ridge Springs Road.

“This is my dad’s house like right down there, and so we came down to check on it because my aunts called me. They were like, “yo come check on me, the power is out,” Taley explained. “So I come down here and I didn’t even expect all of this,” he said. “And then we get a closer look, and there’s like 50 trees right here and I’m like what?”

“I used to live here, so yeah, it’s not like this,” Taley said. “It’s a tree down here and there, but not anything like this,” he said.

Some residents said the downed trees trapped them on the road. Garcia’s dad came to help Taley’s father.

“We came in there. We tried to set some stuff up for him. Set up the generate, the stove so he can get something to eat because he hasn’t had power all day,” Garcia said. “So he hasn’t been able to do anything. So he can get a shower and you know just clean himself up,” she said.

Gibson said they are trying to figure out what exactly caused this damage.

“With a wind event like this, we always want to look at that and see if we had a micro-burst or a small tornadoes,” Gibson said. “It came across this clear cut behind us here, and the way the trees are leaning, it looks like we did have a heavy wind event come across through and caused some damage.”

Taley and Garcia said they’re grateful no one was hurt.

“Super grateful that no trees hit his house,” Garcia said.

“Yeah, I would’ve been devastated, because it is my home too,” Taley added.

Pickens County Officials said no injuries have been reported or home damage at this time.

“We would advise people to be very careful because even some of the roads that are open, have debris piled along the road way, and if they get too close to the shoulder, or there could be a low hanging branch or tree that falls later on tonight,” Gibson said. “Even though the major wind seems to have dropped down a good bit, we could still have trees come down overnight. So we would advise folks to continue to be vigilant with their driving and pay attention to the roadway, cause there are some of our roads that have only one lane open,” Gibson said.

Gibson said they are hoping to have everything cleared by Tuesday.