ABBEVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – An Upstate woman has returned home after being attacked by “vicious dogs” in March.

On March 21, Kyleen Waltman was walking down the street to her mother’s house when she was attacked by three dogs.

When emergency responders got there, they started treatment and Waltman was airlifted to the hospital where both of her arms were amputated.

Since then, Waltman has been in the hospital undergoing numerous surgeries since the attack.

The owner of the dogs, Justin Minor, was arrested and charged. The three dogs were taken by animal control.

Minor’s case will be presented to a grand jury.

Waltman returned home on Tuesday.

Her family updated the community with the following statement through a GoFundMe fundraiser page:

Kyleen did get to come home. It has been rough and we’ve been trying to get her settled into her new life. She is a talker, lol..She is running our poor mama raged as the least. She is doing outpatient surgeries now. She had to have her shoulder re grafted and her leg they’re holding off on again, it is healing but they have to pull her muscle up from her calf and see if that is gonna work. They did graft around the would to see if it’ll take and it did. They don’t want to do both surgeries together so they did the shoulder which was 3+ hours and her leg will take upwards of 9 hours or better. She’s coming back home after recovery. It’s hard on the family at the moment because we have no outside help, she has been denied for Medicaid and disability. So we have to do it all for her. Mama takes the brunt of it because kyleen lives with mama. Y’all please pray she will be able to get an in home care nurse because at this moment she don’t have one. Kyleen has to go back to the hospital in 10 days for more check ups and to maybe get the sick vac off her arms. Maybe they’ll be able to stitch her leg up then. Thank all of ya’ll for being patient with us at this time.

Amy Wynne