ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A woman was injured during a police chase Monday afternoon in the Upstate.

According to the West Pelzer Police Department, police made a traffic stop at 1:20 p.m. at the post office in West Pelzer for a vehicle that was going over twice the speed limit through town.

“I actually attempted to stop a vehicle that was going over twice the speed limit through town–a traffic stop, the vehicle stopped by the post office in Pelzer,” said Chief Scott Stoller, West Pelzer Police Department.

“I had gotten her registration and proof of insurance and was back in the car writing the ticket. While I’m sitting there doing that, she then took off and I was actually waiting on Highway Patrol because we were suspecting DUI and they were going to work on the DUI…” Stoller said.

The police department said the officer was in his car when the suspect, Samatha Weaver, 28, pulled out a spare key and took off in her car.

Weaver traveled into Pelzer where she hit a carport at a house and went over curbs and sidewalks on Burts Street.

Kristen Jones lives at the home where the carport was hit. She said she was not at home at the time. Jones said her children are typically outside playing. She said she is grateful they were not at home at the time.

“I’m definitely a little frustrated because obviously I can’t park under my carport now,” Jones said. I’m definitely irritated by the fact that someone would be willing to put other people’s property and children and things in danger,” Jones said. “I’m just glad she didn’t…they didn’t hurt anybody else,” Jones said.

According to police, Weaver eventually crashed into a tree behind a Mexican restaurant at Highway 8 and Highway 20.

Weaver was arrested and taken to the hospital. Stoller said Weaver has minor injuries.

Later, police learned that Weaver gave a false first name during the traffic stop.

The police department said all officers are fine.

Police said the initial reason was speeding and suspicion of DUI but Weaver also had an expired tag on her vehicle, expired insurance and didn’t have a driver’s license with her.

Police hope people will learn an important message.

“Just it’s not worth it. It puts everyone in danger. Puts me in danger. Puts every other officer in danger. It puts the public in danger. Puts people’s property in danger–all for what essentially would be some tickets,” Stoller said.

Once Weaver is released from the hospital, she will be taken to the Anderson County Detention Center.

Stoller said they made the arrest for failure to stop for law enforcement vehicle or failure to stop for blue light.

The crash is under investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Stoller said Weaver will likely have a bond hearing on Tuesday.