About Ninety Six

NINETY SIX, S.C. (WSPA) – The Ninety Six National Historic Site, located about two miles from Main Street, draws about 100,000 visitors every year.

“What you see [at the historical site] is what was here approximately 250 years ago,” said Ninety Six Historic Site Superintendent Joshua Manley.

At the site, people can follow the trail to learn more about pieces of history dating back to the Revolutionary War. The first land battle in the South was fought in Ninety Six in November 1775, according to U.S. Park Ranger Adrian Stewart.

“We actually had a battle here, and it was the first battle, land battle, in the South,” said Stewart. “That’s extremely important and kind starts kicking things off in the South for the Revolution.”

Star Fort is located along the trail.

“For being almost 250 years old, it’s really well preserved. It is the original fort, of course some of the features are no longer there,” said Stewart.

In present day, piles of dirt mark what’s left of the fort. It was originally more than 15 feet tall, and it was built by British Loyalists.

“In 1781 is when we had the attack on Star Fort and the town. It was the longest land siege of the battle,” said Stewart.

Park rangers said people who aren’t history buffs can still enjoy at the site.

“Every visitor, there is something for you,” said Manley.

The historic site spans more than 1,000 acres with a 27-acre fishing lake.

“You’re also allowed to put in your kayaks and your canoes. Small boats that have electric motors are certainly welcome as well,” said Manley.

Back on land, people can head out on a hike to explore nature.

“We have over 10 miles of trails, for pedestrian trails, hiking, as well as horseback riding,” said Manley.

Park rangers said there’s a one-mile paved and accessible route too. They said people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the Ninety Six Historic Site.

“This is a great meeting spot and a place to learn about history, about science, nature,” said Manley.

They hope people stop by, visit, and check out upcoming events too. On Saturday, rangers will be hosting a reading of the Declaration of Independence at noon at the main stage of the Festival of Stars. Reenactors will perform the declaration, while wearing period clothing.

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