LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Lancaster County deputies are trying to track down a naked man who stripped down inside a gas station and got away with a sundress; it was all caught on camera.

The man turned the aisles into a runway, trying on a poncho and a couple of sundresses, but things got a little crazy when he undressed.

Walking around a gas station in a dress is only the beginning of what deputies began to uncover.

“(He) was then complaining about snakes in his clothes,” said Doug Barfield with the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

The man was obsessed with telling customers and the clerk at the Market Express in Indian Land that snakes were in his pants.

He even shook his pants, trying to get the serpents away, and tried to dance with them at one point.

“He goes into the bathroom and was in there for a bit of time and calls out to the clerk, bring something to cover me up,” said Barfield.

“She(the clerk) grabs a sundress off the rack and took it over to the bathroom,” said Barfield.

The clerk then came face to face with more than just his face.

“The door’s wide open, and he’s standing there butt naked, so she hands the sundress over, and he walks out still butt naked,” said Barfield.

“It seems pretty amusing, but I’m sure it wasn’t very amusing to the lone store employee that was there,” said Barfield.

The man finally got dressed and continued to talk about the snakes with customers.

Deputies say the man got away with the dress.

“He walked out of the store with a sundress that fit him pretty well, but he didn’t pay for it,” said Barfield.

The man left behind his clothes, his shoes, and his watch.

Workers at the gas station say one of the customers recognized him from the pictures deputies put out, and they gave his name to the sheriff’s office.