GREENWOOD, SC (WSPA) – A man with a pellet gun, and another man with a machete are accused of chasing each other in their vehicles, according to a Greenwood Police report.

It happened on Florida Ave. on 7/30 around 10:15 p.m.

Dispatch was told a man in a black truck had pulled a gun on a person in a silver car.

They were told the person in the silver vehicle had a machete.

The officer put on the blue lights and caught up to them.

Dispatch then told the officer it was the person in the silver car with gun.

They pulled the car over and pulled out their weapon and confronted the driver, identified as Jerry Yeldell.

They frisked Yeldell, and didn’t find a weapon, according to the report.

The passenger told an officer that Yeldell had a gun under his seat.

They found a black pellet gun, according to the report.

Yeldell told officers he caught his wife with the man in the pickup truck, later identified as Cornelio Estrada.

He said Estrada threatened him with a machete, but denied displaying a gun.

Officers said Yedell eventually told them he displayed the pellet gun during the confrontation with the Estrada.

The passenger told officers that Yeldell picked him up and said he was going to shoot someone, according to the report.

Yeldell had a gun in his lap as they were following the black truck and said he was going to shoot the driver, according to the passenger.

The man in the black truck, Estrada, told officers he had gone to pick up a woman when he was confronted by Yeldell.

They got into an argument and Yeldell threatened him with the gun, according to the report.

Estrada said got the machete for self defense.

Witnesses say they say the vehicles chasing each other when the black truck stopped.

They say the driver got out with a machete and approached Yeldell.

They said Yeldell drove away a short distance and both vehicles stopped again.

That’s when Yeldell got out, went to his trunk, got the gun and pointed it at Estrada, according to the report.

Estrada took off and they continued to chase each other until they were stopped by officers, according to the witnesses.

Both men have been cited for Drawing a Weapon in Affray.