MILWAUKEE (KETK) – One man’s final wish has gone viral: to have “one last beer with his sons.”

The tweet made by Adam Schemm, the man’s grandson, was posted back on November 20.

It shows Schemm’s grandfather just before his death from cancer. He is smiling in his hospital bed holding a beer surrounded by his three sons as well as his wife.

Schemm would die the next day after the photo was taken.

“My grandpa had been relatively healthy over the course of his life but it was on the Sunday last week while he was in hospital that they realised it would be the end. He called his grandchildren to tell us on Monday. We took the picture Tuesday night and then he died from stage four colon cancer on Wednesday, ” Adam told the BBC. “It’s actually helped us with our grief. It’s comforting to see that my grandparents and their children were all together in his final moments.”

The tweet has been retweeted more than 323,000 times with many users sharing their own final moments with loved ones.