GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Protesters against mask mandates gathered outside a Greenville County School Board meeting on Thursday morning.

The school board met Thursday morning to get legal advice from counsel on the injunction against the mask mandate ban in schools in South Carolina. The board made no decisions following the meeting. The goal was solely to understand the injunction from a legal viewpoint But some parents say they don’t want anything to change.

“We’re happy with the way things are currently where it’s the parents choice,” parent Suzie Bunn said.

“I’m here so my child can breathe. She has the right and so does all these other children put here,” parent Debbie Hinson said.

Board chair roger meek explains this executive session was simply for a legal breakdown of that ruling.

“I think we got clarity we got the advice from the attorney,” he said. “We got legal advice we discussed it we made no decision.”

He says there was no discussion on whether or not to bring back a mask mandate.

“We don’t rubber stamp anything we’ve got the information and we’ll get more next week and so we’ll keep going,” Meek said.

Parents say they’re not against masking they just want a choice.

“If you have a kid that has a low immune system then wear the mask. But don’t force other kids to wear the mask,” Hinson said.

“Teach your kids if somebody chooses to wear a mask or wants to wear a mask that’s their choice and you respect them and you support them in that decision,” Bunn said.

Meek says the board is taking this very seriously.

“The administration is going to meet and give us some guidance and recommendations next week so we’ll look at that and see what we need to do,” he said.