SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Members of a Spartanburg church are picking up the pieces after their place of worship burned to the ground.

The fire happened Tuesday at the Iglesia Del Nazareno-Casa Del Alfaredo church in Spartanburg.

The church Pastor Ruben Rosario and his wife called their own for the last several years is gone.

A fire destroyed the place of worship, leaving behind broken windows, charred seats and a hole in the roof.

“Receiving the call that the building is burning to the ground, I was kind of shocked,” said Iglesia Del Nazareno-Casa Del Alfarero Pastor, Ruben Rosario.

“I couldn’t believe that happened,” said Rosario’s wife and fellow pastor, Carmen Rosario.

This place means a lot to Rosario and his wife. Not just the structure itself but what happened within these now dilapidated walls.

Pastor Rosario says the church itself was small, its impact however, was anything but.

“People come into the church, some people don’t have money to pay their rent or their bills. We try to help the people in the community,” said Rosario.

While the pastor and his wife are still coming to terms with this devastation, they say they’re looking ahead. Adding, this isn’t going to stop them from doing what they know and love.

“We’re not in love with the building, we are in love with the people,” said Rosario.

In the meantime, Pastor Rosario says they will be holding services a couple miles away at the First Church of the Nazarene.

As for the building itself, he tells us it’s too early to know what will happen.

No one was hurt in the fire. Firefighters believe an electrical issue was to blame.