SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A new nail salon for men only, called The Man Cave, is now open for business in Spartanburg.

Shana Soberanis, owner of The Man Cave, officially celebrated the opening of the new gentleman’s nail shop this past weekend.

“I came up with the idea after doing my fiancé’s feet. He enjoyed getting pedicures and massages and he suggested that I go to nail school. I enrolled and realized that I really liked doing feet,” Soberanis said.

According to Soberanis, The Man Cave is the only nail salon within a 50 mile radius that provides pedicures and manicures exclusively for men over the age of 13 years old.

“I saw a need for nail care for men. They’re an underserved population when it comes to nail care. For some reason, men sometimes believe that it’s kind of emasculating and I wanted to dispel that myth. I wanted them to know that it’s okay, it’s a part of hygiene and wellness care,” Soberanis said.

Clients range from lawyers and blue-collar workers, to those suffering with diabetic nerve damage. ​

“Women have their ‘me-time’ this is for the men. This is what we need,” Shad Byrd, a Man Cave client, said.

Soberanis encourages women to buy services for the men in their lives– and will sometimes allow women accompany men at their appointment—but said she only provides nail services to men. She said her main goal when opening The Man Cave was to provide a calm, relaxing environment for men across the Upstate to get pampered without the stresses of the average unisex nail salon.

“It’s always busy, they get you in and out. Not saying that they should get to know they’re customers but at least talk to them and ask them how they’re day is going because it could be the stop that changes someone’s life,” Byrd said.

The Man Cave is hoping to expand and provide other services such as hair cuts and massages in the near future along with hosting watch parties for groups.

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Location: 2099 S Pine St Suite I, Spartanburg, SC 29302