Moncks Corner, SC (WCBD) – More than half of the deaths on our roads are caused by aggressive driving according to a study done by AAA.

The study also show these are the top ways people drive aggressively:

1. Yelling at another driver: 47 percent (95 million drivers)

2. Honking to show annoyance or anger: 45 percent (91 million drivers)

3. Making angry gestures: 33 percent (67 million drivers)

4. Trying to block another vehicle from changing lanes: 24 percent (49 million drivers)

5. Cutting off another vehicle on purpose: 12 percent (24 million drivers)

6. Getting out of the vehicle to confront another driver: 4 percent (7.6 million drivers)

7. Bumping or ramming another vehicle on purpose: 3 percent (5.7 million drivers)

8 out of 10 people asked said they’ve expressed significant anger, aggression or road rage behind the wheel at least once in the year prior to the completion of the study. The dangers of aggressive driving are very obvious; however, people make the voluntary decision to drive irresponsibly every day. One of the craziest statistic from AAA’s study—a quarter of drivers say they consider speeding acceptable.

On Tuesday, the South Carolina Highway Patrol will host an event called “Stop Aggressive Driving” so show they will not put up with it. Troopers will hold the event on Sigma Drive in Moncks Corner at 2:30PM. Speakers include Highway Patrol’s Colonel Michael Oliver and Captain Travis Manley. Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis will also speak.

The troopers hope to help more people understand how their actions can become aggressive and also to help people see how their own behavior is dangerous. If people can see their own actions in a new light then they can start driving safer Michael Oliver, Captain Travis Manley and Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis.