One school district in Spartanburg County is hoping moveable furniture and flexible seating can help their students learn more.

The district is trying out new furniture in seven classrooms to see how teachers and students adapt to the futuristic technology.

Some students say they find the new chairs and desks comfortable.

Teachers appreciate the extra space the new furniture gives them, instead of the bulky shelves and desks they had in the past.

The 4th grade class at Clifdale Elementary School is one of the test classrooms.

Mrs. McCollough, their teacher, says she has not noticed the new furniture to be a distraction or safety hazard. 

“I was worried they were going to fall back and now they have the rolley chair and they can roll back and forth and it helps them stay focused and I don’t feel like they are going to hurt themselves either,” McCullough said

The district says they are using this opportunity to see if they can put moveable furniture in all their classrooms.