GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – An investigation is underway Friday morning following multiple complaints of harassment through various social media channels.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said they have received complaints from at least 10 victims regarding incidents that began several months ago.

The incidents involved an individual sending sexually explicit messages to women through different social media platforms and their phones, according to deputies.

Several of the women are business owners and believe the person may have gotten their numbers because they are public.

Some women said they have been getting the texts for a few weeks, while others have been receiving them for months.

“Mine started in July, but we have victims in other counties that go back five years,” said Lisa Salas.

Many of the text criticize their appearance, according to the women.

The group said they have tried to block the person, but the person uses an app that allows them to change their phone number.

The women believe the person is keeping a close eye on them.

“I knew that they were following me via my social media because they let me know, ‘I see that you have a forearm tattoo’ and very specific things about me that they wouldn’t have known unless they were following me on social media,” said Ashley Benson.

“At my job, I work with the public,” added Kayla Ottino. “There are a lot of people in and out. I’m constantly like, ‘That person is looking at me weird. Is that them?'”

The women found each other this week when Benson shared her experience on Facebook. Since then, dozens of women have connected the dots and believe they are receiving the texts from the same person.

“There are women in Spartanburg, Anderson, Oconee County, Gaffney and North Carolina,” said Salas. “They’re coming forward, and this is going to be a multi-county thing.”

Deputies believe there are possibly more victims that have received the same messages across the state of South Carolina.

The sheriff’s office is investigating the incidents at this time.

Anyone who has experienced this type of criminal behavior or can help identify the suspect should reach out to (864) 23-CRIME.