WALTERBORO, S.C. (WSPA) – Former attorney Alex Murdaugh wrapped up his testimony in his double murder trial Friday in Colleton County.

Since the beginning, Murdaugh has denied murdering his wife and son. He claimed he has been cooperative with law enforcement, with exception now to one very important detail.

Murdaugh claimed that Thursday was the first time he ever openly spoke about his night at the kennels. He admitted to lying to law enforcement.

In his testimony Friday morning, the cross-examination continued by lead prosecutor Creighton Waters on financial crimes and drug use. Murdaugh again blamed his addiction to opioids for clouding his mind and causing paranoia.

“When I got to thinking in that paranoid way, it didn’t go away in a matter of seconds,” Murdaugh explained.

He continued, admitting he stole money and lied to many people including clients, friends, and family members.

“They’re all people that I cared about and a lot of people that I loved. I did wrong by that,” said Murdaugh.

“You hurt the people that you love, we know,” said Waters.

Murdaugh also admitted to lying to law enforcement about being at the kennels the night his wife and son died.

“I did not tell them that I went to the kennel. I lied about that,” Murdaugh said.

“And at the same time, you also looked at this jury and tried to tell them that you had been cooperative with this investigation,” Creighton Waters questioned.

“Other than lying to them about going to the kennel, I was corporative in every aspect of the investigation,” said Murdaugh.

“…very corporative except in the most important fact that of all – that you were at the murder scene with the victims just minutes before they died,” Waters added.

Prosecutors pressed Murdaugh on his actions the night of the killings. Waters questioned him about phone records and activity surround his time at the kennels.

WATERS: “Phone calls were missing from the log around this relevant time period when law enforcement downloaded your phone on June 10th…” 

MURDAUGH: “From my phone?” 

WATERS: “Yes.” 

WATERS: “Did you delete them, Mr. Murdaugh?” 

MURDAUGH: “Not intentionally.” 

Friday in court, Murdaugh couldn’t recall what exactly he was doing the time the calls were made. He testified he was alone.

“It is an absolute fact that I am not manufacturing an alibi like you say,” said Murdaugh.  

“How do you remember so much detail about everything else, but you don’t remember what you were specifically doing to generate these 283 steps while making all of these phone calls in the same four minute period,” Waters asked.

During his testimony, Murdaugh explained how he believed the deadly boat crash involving his son Paul may have been why he was murdered on June 7th.

Waters grilled Murdaugh on the stand, digging deeper for more information.

“The lie that you told of an unknown assailant was to try to make you think that the “real bad guys” were back again to finish the job. Isn’t that true,” said Waters.

“No sir, that’s not true,” Murdaugh replied.

For several hours Friday, prosecutors questioned the lies Murdaugh admitted to, accusing him of another lie – murdering his wife and son.

“You know why people lie, Mr. Murdaugh? Because they know they’ve done something wrong,” said Waters.

“For the most time, they do,” Murdaugh said.

Court wrapped up just before 5 p.m. Friday and is expected to resume Monday morning at 9:30.

Though admitting to lying, Alex Murdaugh still denied the killings of Maggie and Paul.

WATERS: “Mr. Murdaugh, are you a family annihilator?”

MURDAUGH: “A family annihilator? You know, like, did I shoot my wife and my son?

WATERS: “Yes.”

MURDAUGH: “No! I would never hurt Maggie Murdaugh or Paul under any circumstances.”

If convicted, Murdaugh faces 30 years to life in prison.