WALTERBORO, SC (WSPA) – The Alex Murdaugh double murder trial entered its second week.

Prosecutors showed jurors more evidence they say links the former South Carolina attorney to the murders of his wife Maggie and son Paul. Murdaugh and his defense continue to deny these allegations.

Monday afternoon, the prosecution played the jury video of Murdaugh’s second interview with law enforcement days after the murders. While speaking with law enforcement, Murdaugh said the last time he saw his wife and son was at ‘suppe

Near the end of his interrogation, Murdaugh talks about seeing an image of Paul’s body.

According to audio of the interview played in court, Murdaugh begins to sob and said, “It’s just so bad. did him so bad.” SLED Senior Special Agent Jeff Croft was asked by lead prosecutor Creighton Waters about this portion of the audio.

Waters said, “You asked the defendant about the traumatic picture that he saw of Paul and Maggie, what did he say?” Croft responded, “It’s just so bad. I did him so bad.”

During the interview, there was no follow-up question from investigators. In court, Murdaugh shook his head and appeared to deny that was what he said.

The court ended before Croft could be cross-examined by Murdaugh’s defense team.

Earlier in the day, attorney Dick Harpootlian suggested two shooters could have killed Maggie and Paul. He questioned SLED’s foot and tire tread expert, who also diagrammed the crime scene.

(Joshua Boucher/The State/Pool)

During his questioning of Special Agent Melinda Worley, she conceded two shooters could have been possible. She also said movement could be the reason for differences in bullet trajectories and angles.

There was also an exchange about a bloody footprint found near Paul’s body. That footprint belonged to a law enforcement officer.

Harpooltian said, “Should police be walking through the scene?” Special Agent Worley said, “No.” He asked, “Do we know of any evidence that may have been destroyed?” Worley responded, “I have no idea.”

The trial is expected to resume Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m.