WALTERBORO, SC (WSPA) – Marian Proctor said her only sibling Maggie Murdaugh was a free spirit and loved her family.

Tuesday afternoon, Proctor took the witness stand in the Alex Murdaugh double murder trial. Murdaugh is accused of killing Proctor’s sister Maggie and her nephew Paul in June 2021.

During emotional testimony, Proctor told jurors she had encouraged her sister to be with Alex the night of her murder. Proctor testified that was the last time she spoke with Maggie.

She recalled a conversation she had with Alex following the murders. Proctor had asked him if he knew who could have done this. She testified that he did not know who it was but felt ‘whoever did have thought about it for a really long time.’

According to Proctor, Murdaugh had told her his goal after the murders were to ‘clear Paul’s name’. Paul was charged following a fatal boat crash in 2019.

She also said it was odd Murdaugh did not appear to be scared after his wife and son were brutally killed. “I think everybody was afraid…and Alex didn’t seem afraid.”

During questioning by Murdaugh’s defense team, Proctor said Alex and Maggie had a good relationship, “It wasn’t perfect but Maggie was happy.”

Proctor told the jury Alex and his son Buster spent many nights with her parents following the murders.

The trial is scheduled to resume Wednesday morning.