Spartanburg, SC (WSPA) – The national park service is leading some of its resources to the city of Spartanburg’s Duncan park to help with revitalization. The grant opens the door for expert consultations.

Duncan park located in the city limits of Spartanburg holds historic charm and the vast opportunity for growth.

The momentum generated by Spartanburgers baseball is only the beginning of what is to come.

“We would not have the spartanburgers here if it were not for the advancement by school district 7, so expanding and building on that investment and what we saw from the synergy behind having that new experience at duncan park.” City of Spartanburg, Assistant City Manager, Mitch Kennedy said.

Thanks to a new grant awarded by the National Park Service opens the door for national park experts to lend advice to neighbors and friends of duncan park on ways to improve and enhance the park. The grant application was submitted by the local organization called pal, Laura Ringo is the Executive Director.

“You’ve got some mountain biking trails, you’ve got some walking trails, tennis courts, there’s playgrounds so there’s lots of great pieces. so we want to figure out how to connect all of those pieces and then connect those to the trail system.” PAL, Executive Director, Laura Ringo said.

The National Park Service will help engage PAL, the City of Spartanburg and the community to develop and create a plan on the most beneficial amenities for the area.

“So the planning process is going to take 9 to 12 months and then once we come out of that process, we’ll be really looking for funding to implement the recommendations of the plan. so probably a 2 to 3 year process.” Ringo said.

The grant gives community members access for one year to re-imagine the parks trails, open space and even water features.

“It will give the community the opportunity to have ownership into the future of this facility and when you have community ownership it’s sustainable.” Kennedy said.

the collaboration will start in September and anyone interested in joining the ‘friends of the park’ support group or the advisory committee, we’ll have a link with this story on our website at WSPA-dot-com