(CBS Newspath) – A Florida student was removed from a classroom after her parents questioned a bizarre homework assignment.

Misty and Christopher Dunham were shocked to see their 8-year-old’s homework assignment earlier this week in Jacksonville.

“She proceeded to read to me that she needed to do her reading homework in the bathtub and send a picture of her doing it. And specifically told her to stop, you will not,” said Christopher Dunham.

Parents are supposed to sign off on the homework, but the Dunham’s noted that their daughter would not be taking part in the activity.

“Emailed the teacher, hey you may want to explain this send something out to the parents let them know what the intentions are, this just does not sound okay. She did sent the message saying you should be in pajamas, be in your uniform, have fun with it. But it didn’t sit right,” said Misty Dunham.

Later, the Dunham family said they got a call from the school.

“I think you guys should do a parental withdraw for McKenzie. And I said, I can’t. I can’t do that. We refuse to withdraw her. He said ok thank you for saying that and continued on saying that well we’re going to proceed with an administration withdraw,” said Misty Dunham.