(NEXSTAR) – Fine. Just do whatever you want, Chipotle customers.

Chipotle has announced that stores nationwide will soon allow customers to partake in a popular quesadilla-ordering “hack” that had been circulating on social media, following claims that some stores were refusing to allow it.

The “hack,” according to numerous TikTok users, instructed Chipotle customers to try ordering a steak quesadilla with added toppings, namely the chain’s fajita-style sauteed veggies, extra cheese, and sides of sour cream and vinaigrette, for dipping. Fans claim it tastes like a Philadelphia-style cheesesteak, which, of course, makes complete sense, seeing as the items share many of the same ingredients.

“OK, you guys need to go try this right now,” one TikTok user told her followers in late December, in a video that currently has over half a million views on the platform. “Run to Chipotle and go get this. It is so bomb.”

Another popular food reviewer, who boasts nearly 9 million followers, rated the “hack” a 9.8 out of 10 with the vinaigrette, but a rare 10 out of 10 when mixing the sour cream and vinaigrette together — echoing the sentiments of a TikTok user named Alexis Frost, who is credited with sharing the idea online back in December.

The problem, however, is that many customers have claimed their local restaurant would not allow them to augment their quesadilla orders (which are usually only via digital orders) with veggies. (The option to add veggies to a quesadilla is also not currently available online.)

One user even shared a video of what appeared to be a sign at her local Chipotle, which read, “Protein and cheese only on a quesadilla!”

Alleged employees of Chipotle have also responded on Reddit, claiming they were told the quesadillas couldn’t be cooked correctly with the added veggies, or that their management had threatened repercussions for workers who attempted to fulfill such orders.

When asked to clarify, a representative for Chipotle initially suggested the reason for prohibiting the “hack” may have had something to do with reducing prep time at the restaurants.

“We’re amazed by the passion of our fans and their ability to find unique ways to enjoy our hand-crafted quesadillas with Chipotle’s real ingredients,” reads a statement shared with Nexstar. “Due to the preparation time required, quesadillas were designed to be digitally exclusive to best support our team members, avoid overcrowding on our front line and ensure guests have a seamless experience. Currently, our quesadilla offering does not include fajita veggies with a protein, however, we are looking forward to adding this combination in the future.”

Last week, however, Chipotle apparently caved to demand and decided to add the “hack” to its official menu in March, Chipotle confirmed. The chain also recruited two of the aforementioned TikTok reviewers to make the announcement on social media.

Until then, folks who want to try the viral quesadilla idea will have to hope they can find a sympathetic employee at their local Chipotle — or simply go to another restaurant.

“People losing their damn minds over that Chipotle quesadilla,” one Twitter user observed. “Baby, go to a Mexican restaurant: it’ll have way more fillings, probably be cheaper, taste wayyyyy better, and you’re supporting local.”