ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A young boy in Florida needed help, lizards were in his backyard and he needed some dinosaurs to chase them away.

“This little guy just learned about calling 911 for emergencies. He thought it was an emergency that he needed a dinosaur,” said the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in a social media post.

Thankfully, a 911 dispatcher answered the call and explained to the child that 911 was only for true emergencies.

“The boy believed the absence of dinosaurs in his life was a real emergency and called 911. We explained to him the true nature of an emergency and when to call 911,” OCSO said in a tweet.

However, the lizards were still on the prowl and something still had to be done about that.

The dispatcher used everything at her disposal to rectify the situation, immediately dispatching a deputy to the scene armed with a Rajasaurus and a Triceratops.

Now armed with the right tools for the job, the boy is now ready for future encounters with the lizards in his backyard that chase him and his little brothers away.

“Hopefully with the addition of his two new dinos, he will now have the dinopower required to repel the lizards during any future encounters,” OCSO said.