(WFLA) — A former Arizona teacher who made headlines after being caught having an OnlyFans account has also been booted off the website.

Samantha Peer, also known as Khloe Karter, was once a teacher at the Lake Havasu Unified School District, along with her husband.

However, their educational careers would come to an end after the community learned that the couple was making pornographic content on OnlyFans to supplement their income despite her efforts to avoid being found out.

“I chose an anonymous name as well as blocking the entire state of Arizona on OnlyFans so it wasn’t accessible to anyone living in the state,” she said in a video statement in early November.

At the center of the controversy was the fact that Peer created a video inside a classroom. While Peer admitted to doing so, she said the video was made on a weekend when no children were present.

On Nov. 13, Peer announced on social media that her OnlyFans accounts were both deactivated and that she was blocked from making any other accounts. The account remained disabled as of this report.

Nexstar has reached out to OnlyFans to confirm Peer’s story but the platform has told news outlets that they do not comment on specific accounts.

OnlyFans’ terms of service state that while they can give notice to content creators who are at risk of losing their accounts, the website also reserves the right to suspend or terminate accounts “immediately and without prior notice.”

While the website allows some users to create pornographic material for an audience for a subscription fee, it has rules that limit what adult content creators can do.

Extreme or criminal sexual activity is forbidden on the platform. With regards to content filmed in a public setting — for example, a classroom — content creators can face penalties if public nudity is recorded in a country where it is illegal and if it is in an area where the public is “reasonably likely to see the activities being performed.”

“This does not include outdoor places where members of the public are not present, for example, private property such as a private backyard, or secluded areas in nature where members of the public are not present,” the terms of service state.

In addition to losing both her teaching job and her OnlyFans accounts, Peer said she has continued to face backlash from both the public and her family.

“You’re nuts for filming in a classroom,” said one commenter. “That’s outta pocket and you know it.”

Peer responded to criticism that she did not appear to show proper remorse for her actions in a follow-up statement.

“I pay the price every single day,” she said. “Of course I’m remorseful. I miss [teaching] a lot.”

The former educator has since moved to another platform to create her content and appears to still be active on social media.