GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Greenville resident MrBeast, the richest YouTube creator, is looking to dramatically raise his portfolio.

He is bringing in a 10-figure valuation for his many money-making journey, according to a story by Forbes magazine. If he is able to do this, his company would be the first business run by an influencer to reach this amount.

MrBeast has over 107 million followers, making him the fifth most subscribed YouTube content creator. He’s also estimated to bring in around $54 million yearly from content.

His channel features pranks, feature games, and challenges he gives his friends and subscribers. Many think the challenges are insane, like the real-life Squid Games, or not eating for 30 days. But those who are successful are rewarded with a stack of cash.

According to a report from Fortune, MrBeast is looking to bring in another $150 million in funding to support his ventures. If this goes through, he and the channel’s other assets will be valued at $1.5 billion.

This will be monumental for not only MrBeast but YouTube itself. He would become the first content creator to reach this insane amount, Forbes reports. Many content creators with sponsors and other investors, he has grown his subscriber base while expanding into an entrepreneur.

This would also mark a new beginning for YouTube and content creators, as it would help verify the site and the content with a full-on streaming service, giving it the chance to help launch multifaceted businesses.