MANHATTAN, N.Y. (WPIX) — Frigid temperatures have bats falling to the ground in Manhattan’s Central Park, officials said.

Visitors to the park have been asked not to approach the bats. Urban park rangers with the Parks Department are equipped to help bats deal with the “shock from sudden cold,” according to Central Park.

“This behavior isn’t uncommon during the fall as temperatures fluctuate drastically. It gets too cold for their muscles and their activity slows,” the Parks Department tweeted. “As temps rise throughout the day, so will their body temperature. Please report bats in need of care to our park rangers via @nyc311.”

There are nine types of bats in New York State, according to the Central Park Conservancy. Central Park is home to two main types: tree-roosting and cave-roosting. The cave-roosting bats hibernate in the winter, while the tree-roosting bats migrate south in the winter.

Visitors to the park are more likely to see tree-roosting bats. There are several types of them in the park, including eastern red bats, hoary bats, and silver-haired bats.