NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (WPIX) – A video was captured on the campus of Rutgers University, showing someone being chased by a deer Friday afternoon.

In the video, you see a woman running down College Avenue on the Rutgers New Brunswick campus, trying to escape a deer. Morgan Lazarus, who filmed the incident, said she was walking down Senior Street heading towards College Avenue when she heard screaming.

“To my surprise, I saw someone running, and a baby deer was chasing after them. I then instantly took out my phone,” Lazarus told WPIX. “Immediately after, I ran over to make sure she was okay, but it continued to chase her all the way down the street past my point of view.”

The person being chased in the video is unknown, and no witnesses have been found to try and figure out why this deer was chasing the woman.

Deer sometimes chase people if they get too close to a baby, according to an article published by the Indiana city of Bloomington.

The U.S. Army said the chasing could be due to it being the mating season. Peak mating season in all areas of New Jersey extends from late October to November and into mid-December, according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation.